Winter Games Horse Show

Because February is for love and we love having fun with our horses, we are so excited to host our first official fun show! Everyone is welcome to ride (even parents!)

February 19th, 2022 | 11 AM

1: You Can Buy My Love

Bring your dollar and hop on your horse with or without a saddle. See how long you can hold your cash beneath your leg. Whoever lasts the longest collects and keeps all the cash from the sand.

2: Egg and Spoon

Line up and make it from one side of the arena to the other with your egg in your spoon. First one to the finish wins.

3: Love Line Flat Class

Pair up and ride this flat class with your partner while you each hold the end of a piece of crepe paper. The goal is to stay connected through the whole flat class.

4: My Heart Beats Faster Around a Barrel

Barrel racing with a twist. Race around the barrels but also collect hearts along the way.

5: Musical Stalls

Camp classic with music and decreasing spaces to rest.

6: Runaway Jumper

You start your course on your horse, you finish your course on foot.

7: Partner Jumper

This is a partner class where one partner starts the course and the other partner finishes it. Plot twist: both partners don’t have to ride horses.

8: Heartbreaker’s Choice

Jumps of varying heights will be available. Each jump will have a corresponding number of points. With a time cap of 60 seconds you must earn as many points as you can.

9: Chase My Love

Jump to new heights. With each round the jump goes up. See how far you can go.


Class Entries: $5

If leasing a lesson horse for the show: add $5 for classes 1-5, $10 for classes 6-9.

Winter Games
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