So where have we been?

After a long hiatus of updating our posts, lets list all of the things we have been doing instead of writing:

  1. Built the driveway.
  2. Put down topsoil, seed, and hay to grow grass.
  3. Put up the small barn.
  4. Added a lean-to to the small barn.
  5. Put up the indoor arena.
  6. Put down more topsoil, seed, and hay.
  7. Built the house.
  8. Leveled the area outside of the indoor arena.
  9. Put down more topsoil, seed, and hay.
  10. Fenced in several acres for the horses.
  11.  Began leveling the outdoor arena.

That’s quite a bit in addition to the daily tasks around the farm.

So what’s next?

  1. Put down additional topsoil, seed, and hay.
  2. Complete the outdoor arena.
  3. Add all of the interior fences to maximize our pasture.
  4. Build a lounge and tack area inside of the indoor arena.
  5. Build a composting area for manure.
  6. Build a larger barn in front of the indoor arena.

The list goes on… Now back to work.

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