Shows scheduled for 2021:

March 27/28: H/J Schooling Show at Keystone Equestrian Center

July 24/25: H/J Schooling Show at Keystone Equestrian Center

October 16/17: H/J Schooling Show at Keystone Equestrian Center

Let me know if you would like to show…

Show Guidelines

  1. Students may attend shows on a first come, first served basis. Please let me know if you are interested in showing and what horse/class you would like to do as soon as possible or at least two weeks before the show.
  2. Students are responsible for cleaning/loading their tack, cleaning/loading their horse, and taking care of their horse throughout the show day. Students are also responsible for loading their horse and tack for the return trip home and making sure that everything is returned to its proper location once we return to the stable. Students typically share their horse with another rider(s) and so responsibilities can be shared as well.
  3. Students must bring their helmets/boots and show clothes with them. If you have questions about attire, please see Jess.


Each show has different costs in terms of their registration fees, class fees, grounds fees, stall fees, etc. In addition to paying the cost charged by the show itself, each rider is also responsible for paying a lease fee on the horse, hauling, and coaching. The price of each show will be determined prior to the show.

Tack cleaning: $15 (if student cannot clean)
Horse grooming: $15 (if student cannot groom)