Cancellation Policies

Please understand that we enforce a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you are still responsible for that lesson fee. In the event of an illness, we will try our best to fit you into a lesson later on in the week. SWS Cancellations: I will cancel […]

Let there be light!

A big THANK YOU  to Mike and Steve Griffiths who worked all weekend to light our arena. They installed 12 LED fixtures with 8 lamps each. It is brighter than daylight in there now no matter how dark it is outside! Boarders and Leasers: Please remember to turn off lights when you leave the arena.

So where have we been?

After a long hiatus of updating our posts, lets list all of the things we have been doing instead of writing: Built the driveway. Put down topsoil, seed, and hay to grow grass. Put up the small barn. Added a lean-to to the small barn. Put up the indoor arena. Put down more topsoil, seed, […]

Our Newest Rider

My very scheduled world was turned a little upside down as we welcomed our newest rider much earlier than expected.  Carter decided to join us on February 9th – 7 weeks early. After spending 6 days in the NICU at West Penn and another 9 days on the pediatric floor, our strong little man got […]

PA World Horse Expo

We will be attending the PA World Horse Expo in Harrisburg on February 28th through March 2nd. This will be our third year attending. We have always enjoyed ourselves and look forward to what the vendors and clinicians have to offer!

The Property is Purchased

On January 15th, we purchased the 45 acre property centered between Chestnut Ridge Road and Route 217 in Derry. We are so super excited to be able to purchase this property and can’t wait to get started on the excavating and building of our dream home and barn. Looking forward, we hope to build an […]