Christmas Wishlist

As the parent of a budding equestrian, you may be struggling with what to get your horse kid for Christmas. Here are my top picks and suggestions with links to make your life (and Santa’s) just a little bit easier:

  • Grooming Kit: A tote, dandy brush, curry, and hoof pick are the essentials (All in one option: grooming kit collection), but your equestrian may wish to build from there over time adding in grooming gloves, slick n easy for shedding, and a soft brush for polishing. Or if they are showing: braiding kit, sponge for bathing, and sweat scraper. I love most products from Eqyss and Effol, but any horse shampoo and conditioner works.
  • Tack Cleaning Supplies: Effax all the way. It smells great, goes on well, and wipes clean without leaving a film. This one from SmartPak has all the goodies, but even just the Cream Soap or the Leather Combi would make great stocking stuffers. And for ease of use, I love my tack cleaning mits.
  • Saddle Pad: Our saddle fitter strongly recommends contoured saddle pads that provide relief on the horse’s withers. These can be fancy ones like these: LeMieux, or a more reasonable version.
  • Bareback Saddle Pad: Your kiddo is begging for a saddle but doesn’t own a horse? Get this bareback pad instead: ThinLine Bareback Pad.  We have our saddles fitted specifically to our horses, so finding a saddle that will fit all the horses your rider may end up learning from is difficult if not impossible.
  • Organizational Gear: A backpack is a great way for your rider to carry their helmet, gloves, crop, and other essentials to and from the barn. Check out this one.  Boot bags and grooming bags,   plus a matching garment bag for those that show, also make great gifts.

Experiences always win! 

  • Clinic: We have a clinic coming up with a local judge on January 20th. This is the chance to take a lesson with a judge from our area, Mary Donovan, to improve current skills and/or hear advice from another set of eyes.
  • Show: Save up for your rider to attend a show. It is fun to test your skills against others! Expenses include the show clothes, along with show fees to the venue and lease of a lesson horse, hauling, and coaching on the day of the show.
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